Poetic Licence

Topics: Poetry, Writing, Attention Pages: 3 (816 words) Published: March 20, 2012
In the beginning the man discovers that he has no time for books anymore, has difficulty getting through novels and articles with the fact that he suffers from ADD He decides to try out poems and when he does he likes the way that they are shorter and relate more to his life than books He got into the hobby of writing poetry as well but had difficulty because he felt that "mining your deepest emotions on a daily basis was dangerous"

1. What is the direct or implied thesis of the overall article? The essay is about a man that struggled reading because of his low attention span. His thesis states that reading a book was too comprehensive until he came across poetry. Poetry helped him through his struggle because it was his passion that allowed for his thoughts to flow which allowed him to write.

2. What are the central point’s/ideas used in the article to prove the thesis? Some central points of the thesis involve his quotes, “Recently I started reading poetry”, “For some time, I had found myself unable to get through any novel”, and “Poetry on the other hand, seemed to offer much more for the ADD-afflicted kid in me.” These three quotes clearly states his disability to read anything, but poetry because of his disorder.

3. List 3 examples used and explain the purpose of each example. In the article, the author used the example of Harper Magazine to show how horribly he struggled to get through reading. Another example is the front section of the newspaper. These articles are typically short and the most interesting, similar to poetry which is short and meaningful as well as interesting. Finally he added David McCord’s poem Epitaph on a Waiter. This only consisted of two lines: By and by/ God caught his eye” This short poem is part of the author’s traits because he cannot read anything that is too long. He clarifies that he understands poetry well because of his passion and reading depth.

4. What is the overall tone of the article? Explain...
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