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Port Expanders

A port expander is a device that allows one port on a computer system to connect to multiple devices. There are two basic forms of port expanders: internal and external. An internal expander has a connection inside the computer, typically on the motherboard, and the only part the user sees is the expansion plate containing multiple ports. An external device plugs into the existing port and then has multiple places to connect. When not part of a computer system, these devices are commonly known as splitters. There are no specific types of ports for different computers now days. All the computers from PC to Mac have all the same ports on them the advantages of using port expanders are that you get more ports more ports to use. SAS expanders take one port and make many out of them. SSDs are so much faster, often capable of reading 200MBPS or higher, than using a SAS expander with SSDs, you are more likely to cut down performance than you would be a bottleneck in some cases. The disadvantage of a SAS expander is speed.

Some disadvantages are a lot of them are external and that can be annoying and get in the way could use more power and if your power source isn't good enough it could cause problems when you add more devices it takes up more power. The power source can only handle so many extra ports. It could possibly destroy the power source but not likely. Another disadvantage of using port expanders is that you have to purchase it. (Roberts, 2012)

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