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Poetic Forms Template….

You should approach this assignment from the perspective that you are teaching someone how to write the type of poem that you have selected. That means, defining and providing the characteristics of the type of poetry that you have selected as well as an approach to composing.

TYPE: English SonnetThe English Sonnet, also known as a Shakespearian Sonnet, can be written about any subject. This type of poem is written in iambic pentameter (10 syllables or 5 feet in a line, one foot is an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable) and consists of three quatrains and a concluding couplet.This means that the poem has three groups of four lines and an additional couplet to finish the poem.The English Sonnet follows a specific rhyme pattern, it goes: abab cdcd efef gg. This demonstrates the pattern by showing what lines rhyme with each other. The first and third line are both ‘a’s and therefore must rhyme with each other.| Example of English Sonnet: BarmaidBy: William Ernest Henley1 Though, if you ask her name, she says Elise,2 Being plain Elizabeth, e'en let it pass,3 And own that, if her aspirates take their ease,4 She ever makes a point, in washing glass,5 Handling the engine, turning taps for tots,6 And countering change, and scorning what men say,7 Of posing as a dove among the pots,8 Nor often gives her dignity away.9 Her head's a work of art, and, if her eyes10 Be tired and ignorant, she has a waist;11 Cheaply the Mode she shadows; and she tries12 From penny novels to amend her taste;13 And, having mopped the zinc for certain years,14 And faced the gas, she fades and disappear|My Original Piece:When Friends LeaveBy: Luke Longstreet1 I may have a good life, is it enough?2 I have lifelong friends, but they are now gone.3 Off to university, it’s been tough,4 We used to hang out till the strike of dawn.5 Sometimes I wish I was a year older,6 So I could be with them and not right here.7 Since they have gone life...
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