Poem Beowulf

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The epic poem tells the tale of a hero who was unlike any other. Epic poems, like the heroes they talk about have very unique characteristics. They have to take place in vast settings often covering many nations, a hero who embodies all the beliefs, traditions, and customs of the time, and focuses on the struggle the hero has to face in order to achieve his goal. The poem Beowulf focused on all of these characteristics, stressing the importance of the cultures traditions. Beowulf the movie focused primarily on the how Beowulf decided to prove his man hood. Both the poem and the movie have many similarities, Setting, Characters, & monsters.

The Characters in Beowulf the movie are very sexual and flamboyant. In the movie as Beowulf is getting ready for his fight with Grendel, he is talk to the Queen of the Danes. While he is doing so he strips off all of his clothing exposing his Nipper to the queen who turns and runs away embarrassed. During his fight with Grendel Beowulf’s nipper is repeatedly almost shown, only ever being hidden by small coincidentally placed objects like candles. Beowulf battle, with Grendel’s mother is just as sexual. Grendel’s mother comes to Beowulf in the form of a beautiful woman, who seduces him. Beowulf’s last feast is him fighting the dragon. The dragon, which was Beowulf’s son, terrorizes his kingdom after the golden drinking horn is stolen from the swamp were the dragon lives with this mother.
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