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Topics: Death, Word, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: November 6, 2012
Response Essay 1: Annotation of a Poem
Poem: Elegy by Chidiock Tichborne
Four Items:
1.The time period which it was written
2.Tichborne died the year it was written
3.The commas that create a pause within each line
4.The title
Words for Annotation:
1.“prime” – the peak of quality at a certain time
Prime is used as a point in Tichborne’s life that is supposed to be fun and adventurous when it seems to only be a “frost of cares”. 2.“tares” – a poisonous plant used in the Bible that looks like corn Tares is used as a contrast to actual corn. Tichborne’s life is supposed to be full of corn and is instead full of tares. 3.“sought” – desired or wanted

Tichborne uses this word in hopes of seeking after is death, and he finds it before he was even born. 4.“womb” – a place where a child is conceived and grows in its mothers body before entering the world Womb is used in a a literal sense, meaning before he was born; before he had life. 5.“trod” – walk a certain way

Ticborne uses trod instead of walk or run.
6.“tomb”- a place known to burying the dead
Tichborne uses tomb to say this is where he will be buried.
Before reading the poem “Elegy” by Chidiock Tichborne I found the reader should be informed of a few different points in the poem. The title is the most important part of this poem because from the very beginning it not only tells the reader what the poem will be about, but also the tone and style that it will be written in. “Elegy” means mournful song and it is important to understand that. Tying into the title, Tichborne also died the year he wrote this poem. It makes it slightly more depressing and morbid knowing that. It is also important to know that it was written in the 1500’s and the dialect is much different than ours now. Contrary to the language being different, the punctuation is somewhat the same of what we see in poems throughout all of time. It contains a fair amount of commas which provides the reader with a more dramatic...
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