Poem and Song Comparison

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  • Published : July 24, 2012
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The song “Concrete Angle” by Martina McBride and the poem “The Little Girl down the Lane” by Nikki, talks about child abuse. It expresses both the child’s pain and the child trying to hide all their pain behind a mask, also trying to hide such a big secret. Both the song and the poem are very strong. They both sent out a very powerful message.

To begin with, the song Concrete Angle by Martina McBride talks about a little girl in school wearing the same dress as the day before. The song is very sentimental; the song expresses how everyone in school sees her and wonders but no one asks. The song expresses how the girl wishes she was never born. It also shows how no one would try to help; in the song it shows how she would cry in the middle of the night, but the neighbors would hear her but they would turn out the light. At the end the song talks about a concrete angle and there being a name written on a polished rock. This to me means the little girl at the end past away.

Furthermore, the poem “The Little Girl down the Lane” by Nikki is about a little girl names molly. The poem talks about how molly feels about “him” how she doesn’t understand why he lives in her dreams. The poem explains how “he” is always coming back. An always end up taking lollypops and bubblegum “he” offers her. Molly always lets “him” find her again and again. The poem tells us how molly is only six-years-old. The poem uses holidays to describe how Molly feels. “Halloween is every day for molly”. Also how “little molly wants to scrub her skin until she’s white like Christmas snow; so his finger prints will never show the things he did. This is a very emotional poem about a little girl and all the pain and confusion she goes through.

Finally, both the song “Concrete Angle” by Martina McBride and the poem “The Little Girl down the Lane” by Nikki are both different but extremely similar as well. They both talk about a girl and the pain they both go through. Both girls scared...
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