Poem Analysis "Out, Out"

Topics: Fiction, Meaning of life, Circular saw Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Poem Analysis: “Out, Out-”
In the poem, “Out, Out-“, author Robert Frost starts off his poem by giving an inanimate object, the buzzsaw, a sense of life. Using the literary device, Personification, the buzz saw is being written with characteristics a curious and rather playful child. The buzzsaw acts like once hears the young man’s mother call for supper time, that it wants to eat, so eats the young man’s hand. The buzzsaw takes (Cuts Off) the hand in a rather subtle demeanor, but in truth, it would be a very graphic to behold. Throughout the poem, everything is written in a peaceful and quite tone, even during the violent and gruesome ones to. To add to the fact of the buzzsaw is being personified in the story, the buzzsaw seems to only attack when the mother calls all for supper. The buzzsaw acts like it knows what the meaning of supper time is.

Another literary device used in this poem is the process of along with the use of otomotapia(s). Using repetition first to deliver emphasis to the reader of the sounds that buzzsaw would be making, and then the actual sound being written/sounded out in an otomotapia base. The otomotapia in the story would be the grinding sounds made the buzzsaw ripping the through the poor young man’s arm. This quote from the story pretty much sums all that I describe above; “The saw snarled and rattled, snarled and rattled…” and it continues about three more times over and over. The use of the sound effects gives the once playful buzzsaw a more animalistic approach, making it seem like it is hungry after hearing the key word “supper”.

To conclude, the literary devices used in Robert Frost’s poem are mostly to emphasis and give life to once lifeless piece of machinery. The story, rather bloody and saddening, is a well written example of poetry and depth behind each and every letter/word. The analysis is still to be assessed, but this all gives basic understanding as to what meant behind his more obvious literary devices....
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