Poem Analysis – Life Doesn't Frighten Me.

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  • Published : February 25, 2011
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1. Repletion has been used in the poem to express her opinion on what frightens her, she uses a list of things in the verse and then sums up her feelings about it and that she is not affected by them; “life doesn’t frighten me at all.”

2. A lot of noises are used in the poem “barking” and “boo” expresses how she is not afraid of noises and could be expressing a metaphor for the courage in each one of us.

3. In the poem she speaks about boys pulling her hair, this could be symbolic for female oppression during this time and how she is not afraid of it and wants to try and break from the female oppression. She also goes on to give an image of her dream, she expresses how she has been afraid in her dream, this is significant as it perhaps shows a new personality to the character in the poem. This is also shown through the rhyme scheme used during this verse it uses a much slower scheme of ABCA and really slows the poem down; this slowness also gives an image of a different personality and fear.

4. Rhyme scheme of the poem.
Verse one – AAABBA
Verse two- AAABBA
Verse three- AAAAAABBA
Verse four-AAABBA
Verse five –AABBC
Verse six –ABCA
Verse seven- ABCB
Verse eight –ABCD

5. The third verse gives a real pace to the poem, the rhyme allows it to be pace and have a quick rhythm to it, she shows how she tackles being afraid and it gives the effect as she is almost running away from being afraid.

6. I feel the shape of the poem is appropriate to the theme as it keeps up a rapid pace to the poem by the use of short snappy lines particularly in verse three, the rhyme is used to keep the pace up as well however I different rhyme structure is used when the pace is wanted to change and the theme of being scared in her dreams.
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