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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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O Captain! My captain! Is a poem written in first person by Walt Whitman, who in this poem is also serves as the speaker. The poem is told first hand suggesting that Whitman experienced the events in the poem or experienced events that served as an allegory to his piece of writing. The tone dramatically changes in each of the three stanzas that make up the poem. For example in the first stanza the bolded and capitalized “O CAPTAIN!” suggests that the speaker is very existed and energetic towards the captain and the trip but in the second stanza it becomes “O Captain!” portraying that the speaker has become less enthusiastic about the captains leadership. In the final stanza when the speaker calls for his leader/captain he does not answer, showing that he has lost his power and is now just equal to the crew members. The structure of the poem does not change, each of the three stanzas has eight lines, but the rhyme scheme does change. In the first stanza Walt only rhymes once and by the time he reaches the last stanza he rhymes all but two lines suggesting that the poem gets more exiting as it continues. I believe that in the poem the captain is used as a father figure but as the poem progresses he starts to lose his power and become equal to all other citizens. For example in the first stanza the poem explains how he has helped the people achieve greatness, but then after he has helped them he slowly starts to become unpopular and he “dies” in the thoughts of the people. The poem is very repetitive, using lines more than once to show they are important. Walt uses the line O Captain! My captain! at the start of every stanza to show that the captain is the main character in the poem. In the poem the captain is a symbol of a ruler or father figure because he is the one that controls all of the other people that are under him. As the poem progresses the father figure starts to lose his power and not get recognized above everyone else, but instead slowly meshes in...
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