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  • Published: January 31, 2013
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~ Waiting For You ~
My love bruns for you in a certain way
that no knows how, even until this day
i've always dreamed that you'd be mine
because you are sweet, funny and kind
but now you're with someone new
but my love will always be there for you
i want you to know that i care
and that i'll always be there
i want you to know that it's no lie
and that i'll carry this feeling till i die
so if you ever need someone to talk to
just remember, i'm always out there waiting for you

~ Cheater ~
You told me you love me
and that i have an innocent heart
i believed every lie you told me
and never thought we'd part

But lately you've been depriving me
of love i've grown to know
while your eyes for me were diminishing
mine for you were just starting to grow

' There's no one else for me, ' you said
when i asked you suspiciously
but the curtain's been pulled away from my eyes
and i am beginning to see

It had to be now that i understand
that it was lie when you said, ' I love you'
it had to be your best friend to tell me
that she's in the picture too

~ Why ~
After all those times you've hurt me
the times you made me cry...
why do i forgive you with every
little sigh?

The times that you've betrayed me,
and the times you've ignored me,
and the times my pain has shown...
why do i still love you,
though you left me all alone?

With the sadness you've left upon me...
and the tears that fall each day...
why am i still in love with you,
though you've treated me this way?

~ Key To My Heart ~
I had closed the door to my heart
And i wouldnt let anyone in
I had trusted and loved only to be hurt,
but that would never happen again
I had locked the door and tossed the key
As far and wide as i could
Love would never enter there again...
My heart was closed for good
Then you came into my life
And made me change my mind,
And just when i thought that tiny
Key was impossible to find...
Thats when you held out your hand
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