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Constantly risking absurdity
The poem “Constantly Risking Absurdity” by Lawrence Ferlinghetti is a poem where he compares a poem to an acrobat.He starts off by describing how an acrobat risks everything even his life to his audience by walking in a high wire of his own making.What Ferlinghetti means is that an acrobat does everything he can including his most precious values mental and physical to entertain and amaze his audience. He doesn`t care if he makes a fool of himself o even kill himself for his audience. This is similar to a poet because poets also take risk all the time.A poets first starts taking risks when he reveals a poem to his audience. He doesn`t know how the audience will respond, he doesnt know weather they will like it or not. They won`t even know if it will be understood by their audience or not. Just like an acrobat the poet will put his heart and soul into his creation and will never know the result before presenting it to the public.

In the poem Ferlinghetti does another great comparison between poets and acrobats. He talks about how acrobats use beauty like a beautiful women acrobat on top of him to add more intense into his show. He talks about how the beautiful acrobat depends and trusts the male acrobat with her life as he tosses her and waits for him to catch her. What he means is that poets often use beauty in there poems so that their audiences can appreciate and like their poems a little more. He means that beautiful words depend in the poet to be put in the right place so that audiences can truly appreciate them.

The poem uses extended metaphor through out the whole poem by comparing the poets to the acrobat. He also use a little of simile like in the line “poets like an acrobat”. And lastly he uses alliterration like "perforce perceive" and "taut truth".
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