"Poe's Life Reflected in the Raven

Topics: Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven, Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe Pages: 3 (1137 words) Published: October 8, 2010
"Poe's Life Reflected in The Raven" Edgar Allen Poe is a well known writer and poet. He wrotemany tales of mystery and macabre. I once read his book, 'The Masqueof the Red Death'. The story was so heavy and dark that I felt scaredwhile reading the book. When I was about to read his poem 'TheRaven', the title already gave me the similar image of 'The Masque ofthe Red Death'. Individuals may have different ideas about raven.Some have a positive images on raven because it is considered to bringgood luck in some countries. They believe that ravens guide and helppeople findtheir destination. Others have a negative images on raven becauseraven is a symbol of death in some countries. I also have a bad imageabout raven. Even though I do not believe that raven brings death, Ido not feel good about it. Maybe that's why the title reminded me ofthe story 'The Masque of the Red Death'. Maybe it's not exactly thestory but the atmosphere of the story.There are many other birds which give us more affinity andpositive images such as eagle and bluebird. At first I wondered whyPoe used raven as his messinger. After reading the whole poem,however, I realized why he used raven. I believe that Poe wanted togive readers more reasons to wonder about what this bird means, whereit comes from, and what it might represent. Also, by using raven'sdark image he may want to convey the dreary atmosphere and mysterytone of the poem. It seems obvious that the raven symbolizes emotionalsufferings and portrays a vivid understanding of reality.The story of the poem is about a man (narrator) who lost hislover, Lenore. He is awfully depressed and lonely. I can assume hisemotional condition. He seems very tired and weak. Poe used the word'dreary' to creat the weak and weary atmosphere of scene in the firsttwo lines. I can empathize with his heartbreak because I myself haveexperienced the loss of beloved ones. The line 7 gives a specificinformation about the background. It is December, and the...
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