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Hello and welcome to today’s podcast! My name is Deborah Smith and I’m here to bring you a review on a talent TV show everyone is talking about. Should I give you some hints? Well - it is a show that if you don’t have the X on you, they will X themselves from you. The producer’s surname comes from the word cow and the programme is so big that for their final they rented Wembley arena! Yes you heard it – Wembley arena! Do you know what I’m talking about? If you said XFactor you are right. People around the country have been rescheduling their schedules so they could be glued to the telly and watch what it seems to be the end - for now - of an epidemic. Now I don’t particularly watch or enjoy this kind of programmes but as part of my GCSE assignment I had to watch it, and I must say, it was an explosion of glamour, entertainment and emotions. The 31st episode marked the grand finale of the 8th series of what, between you and me, looked more like a refinery system of moulding and mentoring, young and slightly older people developing their singing skills. After great auditions –some hideous quite funny too – the acts were divided into 4 categories and then mentored by the judges individually. The twist was - we got to vote for the act we liked the most - so the power, even though shared, was on our side! The judges were the handsome Gary Barlow from Take That with the boys category, the glamorous soloist Kelly Rowland with the girls, Tulisa Contostavlos from N-dubs had the bands and the Irish folk Louis Walshwith with the over 26s. The host was the ever so efficient and always very partial – you have to love him - Dermot O’Lear. XFactor proved to be very popular with an average of 14 million viewers per show. Can you imagine all the pennies adding up if all viewers pick up the phone to vote? That is a lot of revenue! The grand final seemed to be promising. Two acts left and also performing would be the well known bands Westlife and Coldplay. First up were all the...
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