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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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Pepsi Co, established about 100 years ago, is the owner of the Poca brand and one of the largest companies in the world, having a significant variety of carbonated, non-carbonated beverages, salty sweet and gain-based snack and other food which are available in more than 200 countries. PepsiCo Vietnam was established in 1991 (IBC) under the form of a joint-venture company, and became owned wholly by foreign businessmen in 2000, with a great many investments and supports from PepsiCo Global. Along with the success of Lay’s snack brand name all over the world, PepsiCo is on the way to build a new snack brand, Poca, with a view to becoming popularly recognized in not only Vietnam but also overseas markets in the long run. Although Poca brand has been established in Vietnam nearly for four years, it is ranking now in the top three leading snack companies (The Market Newspaper 2008). Until now, Poca has 20 flavors with various package sizes from 10 to 60g. Although Poca brand is now very popular and has had a large market share in the market for snack they still have some limitations. Firstly, as being a comparatively new entrant with recently launched products, Poca has to compete with a great number of big and long-standing well-known opponents, such as Oishi, Pringles, Kinh Do. Almost Vietnamese customers are used to those famous brands so they do not care much about Pepsi Co snack – Poca. Secondly, most people think that snack is unhealthy food. Therefore, many parents do not allow their child to eat snacks. Moreover, Poca also contain small amounts of cholesterol, animal fat, sodium which are well-known as unhealthy substances. Last but not least, natural factors such as water, soil or weather play a very important role in growing potatoes and wheat, so if there are some changes on one of them, it could effect to the productivity of the whole industry. In addition, each year Vietnam often face with many disasters such as storms or...
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