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  • Published: February 20, 2013
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Description of business

D Bristol’s Bakery is a sole trader type of business which would established in 2014. It will be owned by me Robert Bristol the sole trader who will be directing every aspect of the business. This bakery will be producing the most delectable and healthiest bread and pastries such as cakes, sausage rolls, buns, tarts, patties, pies, puddings, muffins and cookies.

The main objective of the business will be: * To satisfy the needs and wants of potential customers in Carriacou. * To provide customers with delicious and healthy pastries while building sound relationship with customers. * Aim at being the best while making a profit for the business.

Justification of location

J Bristol’s bakery will be located at Hillsborough Carriacou on the adjacent to the Vena Bullens & Son. Three reasons for justification of location are:
1. Transport access: setting up my business on the main road, will be an advantage for both employees and customers to travel to and from the business; because of the perfect roads which would also make it accessible in the movement of raw materials.

2. Market pull: My bakery will be located on the main road which is the heart of tourist areas, also where more business activities will be occurring and potential customers will be found to buy goods.

Environment: J Bristol’s bakery will be involved in making the healthiest pastries where the condition of land should be always sanitary, and also have proper drainage so that waste materials can dispose easily not affecting any other businesses.

Selection of appropriate labour

Labour is the physical and mental contribution humans put in the creation of goods and services. Types of labour necessary:
1. Professional –Manager
2. Skilled – Main chef and Assistant chef
3. Semi skilled – Cashier, Driver and Cleaner

The six persons that would be employed and their roles/functions: *...
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