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Business Name: Roberts’ Life Coaching
Type of business: We will be a partnership business concentrating on the psychological wellness of individuals by holding them accountable, keeping them on track and pushing them to achieve whatever they want to accomplish.

Nature of business: Coaching and counseling services
Our Mission:
“Roberts’ Life Coaching is dedicated to the mindset that every person has the ability to live a happy, healthy, and wealthy life. We co-operate with the clients so they achieve and accept that once they set foot into the building they feel important to the world and that we are family, creating a safe place. We are committed to leading our clients to express themselves and establishing an interactive relationship between coach and client. We envision a world of limitless love and total peace where people live life at a higher level of consciousness.”

Location: We will be located on St. Mary’s Street (east of New Thriving Restaurant), St. John’s Antigua.
Three reasons to justify location:
1. Accessibility to clients: the business is in a central spot in St. John’s which is easily accessible by public transportation from all points on the island

2. Convenience to the clients: easy parking – parking space is available at several areas which are in close proximity to the business

3. Closeness to market: St. John’s is a highly commercialized area so it is likely that within this locale there will be a significant number of persons who might encounter personal stress arising in the work place because of heavy work responsibility and workload, strained family relationships with teenage children, emotional stress caused by financial problems or post traumatic disorders after an unhappy event like an accident, death in the family or chronic illness. The placement of the business will attract this bracket of clients who is in need of the support services offered.

The type of labour required in Roberts’ Life coaching is a combination of Skilled, Semi-skilled and Skilled Services. There will be 6 people besides myself employed in this business so that it can function optimally.

Two Psychotherapists who will assist the Coach by interviewing the clients, determining level of coaching needed, setting up appointment dates and writing up contract forms.
One Marketer in charge of marketing the business so that we can receive a consistent clientele
One Personal Assistant to assist psychotherapists on personal needs and errands and to assist the secretary by banking.
One Receptionist/Secretary with the responsibility to answer calls, take messages, assist in filing, writing receipts and maintaining records including financial.
One Janitor/cleaner responsible for opening and closing the business and for providing a clean working environment. * The Skilled services labour is necessary since it involves the tailoring of the service offered to suit the needs of the client. The client, along with the coach defines the services needed and the specialized skills and training possessed by the Coach and the Psychotherapists enable them to render the service. It also assists the business in its efficiency when this type of labour is employed.

Roberts’ Life Coaching obtained its capital as follows:
Fixed capital: According to Abiraj, BMC (1985), Fixed Capital refers to any kind of real or physical capital that is not used up in coaching services rendered. These items stay in the business for permanent use. Some examples in this business include the land, the building, vehicle, computer, filing cabinet, books and videos. The capital is sourced through a long term loan from the Community First Credit Union and investment of own money by the partners.

Working capital: Abiraj, BMC (1985) suggests that working Capital refers to the amount of day to...
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