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Topics: Food, Business, Industry Pages: 9 (2356 words) Published: March 21, 2012
Principles of Business School Based

“Eastern Restaurant and Bar”
“Great Satisfaction”

Name: Jayvaughn Riley
Candidate Registration #: 100069________
Center Number: 10069
Subject: Principles of Business
Teacher: Ms. Higgins
School: Marcus Garvey Technical High School
Territory: Jamaica
Date of Submission: _____

Table Content

Title Page
Introduction 1 Acknowledgement2 Description of the Business3 Justification of Location 4 Selection of Appropriate Labour5 Source of Fixed and Working Capital 6 Role of Entrepreneur 7 Types of Production 8 Levels of Production 9 Quality Control Measures 10 Use of Technology 11 Linkages 12 Potential for growth 13 Government Regulations14 Ethical Issues 15

Appendices 16-19 Bibliography 20


This SBA is one entailing details on the Eastern Restaurant and Bar which is a sole trader business. The Eastern Restaurant and Bar aims to provide nutritious meals to customers at a low price. This project upholds information on the reasons for selecting the location of the business a key description of the business the types of persons chosen to work in the enterprise, the source of the fixed and working capital, roles of the entrepreneur, the type and level of production involved, ethical issues in businesses specifically in the food preparation industry along with others.


This projects completion sees credit being given to God for strength to cope with the obstacles that comes my way and my working so hard to do such a fine project. Acknowledging Ms. Higgins for guiding me throughout this project also special thanks to my brother Kirk Chambers for his assistance, Methodist.Org, and the Principles of Business text book for their great contribution.

Description of the Business

The business entity is a sole proprietorship. The name of the business is Eastern Restaurant and Bar. This is establishment that produces nutritious meals which consist of food items from all the six food groups, such as food from animals, legumes and nuts, fruits, starch, vegetables and fat and oil. Also courses of the day are included such as Breakfast, Lunch, Dessert and Dinner. Servings include Alcohols such as beer, rum and wine. Eastern Restaurant and Bar is one that aims to provide customers with satisfaction by providing the best possible meals that are very healthy and nutritious at a reasonable price. Eastern Restaurant and Bar like any other aims to create employment and earn maximum possible profits as much as possible.

Justification of location

EASTERN RESTAURANT AND BAR is located at 14 Yallahs Square; St. Thomas. Eastern Restaurant and Bar is located in this vicinity because of: 1. Unhealthy People
In the area there has been a significant increase in the amount of unhealthy individual who are willing to eat healthy to benefit themselves by providing the healthy meals they will be of benefits to...
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