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Tanty's Homemade Goodies operates as a sole trader. It produces homemade style breads, sweetbreads, and cakes. Tanty or Mrs. Sylvia King as she is formally known takes pride in her business. She is committed to satisfying her customers. She strives to produce great tasting and affordable goods. Tanty is determined to sustain long term growth and continuity in her business.

Tanty’s homemade Goodies is located in Port of Spain. She uses an apartment as her kitchen. Mrs. King’s kitchen is a safe, clean, pleasant working environment. The location was specifically chosen due to the ease of access to raw materials. The business is in the capital. There are many nearby sources of raw materials. In the production of her goods Tanty uses many eggs. Eggs are very fragile and can be easily damaged if transported over long distances. The Port of Spain market is nearby and there is little or no damage to eggs during transportation. Tanty’s storage freezers, mixers and ovens require large amounts of energy which is readily available in the apartment.

Mrs. Sylvia King has employed within her business three workers. Employed are two semi-skilled workers and an unskilled laborer. The job of one semi-skilled worker is that which is similar to one of a kneader. He is responsible for the adding of ingredients in proper portions, supervised by Mrs. King to the mixers. He then has to ensure it is properly mixed. At times he shares the responsibility of cleaning the mixers with the unskilled laborer. The responsibilities of the other unskilled laborer are similar to that of a baker. The baker then takes the mixtures and puts them into their respective baking sheets, trays and or pans. She then has to put them into the oven. When the baking is completed she then removes it from the oven and puts them to cool. The unskilled laborer is responsible for the proper upkeep and running of the machinery....
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