Pob Sba

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Description of the business
White’s objective will be the manufacturing of top quality paper and paper products for the general public, but businesses especially.

Justification of location
Drizzy’s publishing will be convenient located within the town of St. George/the capital of Grenada. Of course though, the business is intended to expand further into a multinational cooperation with several branches worldwide for the convenience of serving many different cultures and types of people worldwide. All of these extra branches of course will be located in a similarly strategic location as parent company in Grenada. Reasons to justify location (s):

Selection of appropriate labor
Types of labor required:

Sources of fixed and working capital

Role of entrepreneur
Acquiring capital and funding to start the business is naturally a large problem. Nevertheless, the best ways of making capital, both for the businesses fixed and working capital needs, would include things such as acquiring loans from banks, creditors and maybe even in investment banks. This would be risky, but risk is the first necessity of being entrepreneur. Some common examples of the businesses fixed capital would include: * The building.

* Machines such as printers, paper recycling machines, illuminators.

Type of production
White Out is intended to be involved in both Tertiary and Secondary production once established. The making of the paper itself will be classified as the secondary division, which would require the business to acquire the necessary materials, primarily pulp, so that it can be later sold. The tertiary division is the selling of these manufactured sheets of paper to the general public at a reasonable cost. Although, as the business further develops, it is very possible that it will go into primary production, which will involve the extraction of pulp on a much larger scale.

Levels of production

Promotion mix

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