Pob Sba

Topics: Quality control, Capital, Ethics Pages: 4 (1036 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Description of the business
The name of the business that i will be establishing is Jagroops doubles. The business will be located on the corner of Aripita Avenue and Rosalino Street. The business will be selling doubles and soft drinks, the consumer will be able to choose the type of sauce they want on their doubles for example mango sauce, shadow benni sauce, pepper sauce or cucumbers The business is going to be a sole trader, because I would like to own my own business, make all the decisions and most of all receive most of the profits The objectives of the business are to make profit, supply a good to the people and to provide employment.

Justification of location
The business will be located on Aripita Avenue because the road is well travelled on mornings and on weekends it is a popular liming area in addition doubles are very popular with people when they have finished liming. Parking is also readily available for people who want to come and purchase doubles.

Selection of appropriate labour
The business will have three persons working. Two people will be making the barra and channa and sauces while the third person will be handling the sales of the stand, while I prepare the doubles and pack them. The hours they will be expected to work will be from 3am to 9am from Monday to Friday and on Saturday from 10pm to 4am ( to facilitate the night life) The workers are skilled because doubles is a specialty food item and will need experienced workers who will know how to prepare it.

Sources of fixed and working capital
The fixed capital will be obtained from a loan from the bank, the business will borrow a sum of eighty thousand dollars ($80,000) for a period of five years and will have a monthly payment of nineteen hundred dollars ($1900). The fixed capital will be used for purchasing a stand which will be used to sell the doubles from, also a motor van will be purchased to transport the food and stand from the place that it will be made to the...
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