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Topics: Labor, Ethics, Economics Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: January 4, 2013
Section 1: Description of the Business
The name of the business is Reggie’s Glass Sale and Service. This business has been in operation for 12 years. It is a sole trader type of business which specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of glass. It also involves in installation of different glass products like show cases, sliding door, etc. This medium sized company employs fifty persons and is financed by loans from banks and personal savings by the sole trader. The business is also obligated to pay taxes in which the company has to register with HM Revenue and Customs and is required to have a business license.

Mission statement
Reggie’s Glass Sale and Service is committed to provide the highest quality product through our highly skilled and dedicated employees and from our state-of-the-art manufacturing process. This company provides a clean and safe working environment for all members of staff. We hope to maintain our standards and satisfy our consumers in all ways possible.

Section 5: Role of The Entrepreneur
Reggie’s Glass Sale and Service is owned by Reginald Taylor. An entrepreneur is a person who must provide the funding, organize the factors of production, set the targets to be met and monitor what is being done to ensure that the goals of the organization are met. He takes the risk and makes decisions and carries out production. Roles of The Entrepreneur:

1) Accessing Funds
Finances are to be raised by the entrepreneur before production is to commence. This business receives loans from Royal Bank and personal savings by the sole trader. 2) Planning
Steps are set out in order to bring this business concept to reality. The entrepreneur follows these steps in order to achieve aims and goals of the business. 3) Operating
The entrepreneur ensures that this business is running efficiently and effectively in order to achieve the main goal of making a profit. Section 12: Government Regulations
Reggie’s Glass Sale and Service is obligated...
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