Pob Csec Sba 2013

Topics: Economics, Allen Stanford, Antigua Pages: 5 (1329 words) Published: May 14, 2013
A. Description of the Business
The proposed business is a small security firm called ‘Cscarsis Security Traders & Co’, and would be a partnership in 2013 having a full twenty partners. This enterprise is in the tertiary sector as we offer services and not products. ‘Cscarsis & Co.’s objectives are to offer onsite security personnel to individuals, groups, businesses, and at events. Cscarsis aims to maintain an excellent service quality and rival the competition. Mission Statement of our business;

“We at Cscarsis promise to provide the best onsite personnel and security management to our clients affordably...”

B. Justification of Location
The business’s office would be in the vacant rooms adjacent to Antigua Home and office depot on old Parham road. I. Because of our intended markets including schools and other office premises, we would be well placed to serve these clients around St. John’s city which is the heart of business and commerce in the country. II. Secondly, from old Parham road, it would be easy for us to deploy persons to places throughout the island. III. Lastly, accessibility for clients is excellent as the road is maintained, parking is good and it is easy to locate.

C. Selection of Appropriate Labor
The firm will employ twenty three ‘skilled’ workers;
20 skilled full time ‘security handlers’ – carry out the daily jobs at different locations and be our main force. Two skilled Sales clerks – sell our services to clients, making plans, setting assignments and acting as secretaries where applicable. One skilled ‘general account’ – manage the finances of the firm seeing to all monies received, expenses, taxes etc. 10 – 25 ‘semi-skilled’ workers;

10-25 part time ‘security adjuncts’ – act as ‘back-up’ in the event that a job requires more personnel than can be afforded. And 2 ‘unskilled’ workers;
Two cleaners – the cleaning and upkeep of the offices in both locations. I. The skilled labor is necessary because those persons are the ones who will directly interact with and perform services for our customers and this must come from skilled, trained persons II. The semi skilled labor is necessary as the backup in case there are too few full time persons to complete a service. They do not need to be skilled because they will be under the direction of the skilled labor force and only give basic assistance. III. The unskilled labor need not be trained as their job is simple enough that anyone could fill the position.

D. Sources of Fixed and Working Capital
I. Fixed capital needs can be satisfied be all partners pooling finances to create the funds to purchase premises and equipment. Ex – vehicles, the office building, floodlights,

II. Finance for fixed capital may also come from venture capitalists who may wish to invest in a new business they feel is worthwhile.

I. Our working capital needs can be satisfied by securing a loan from any one of the commercial banks on the island such as Antigua Commercial Bank or Royal Bank of Trinidad and Tobago. Ex – Gasoline (for vehicles), ammunition, fitness upkeep programs.

II. Trade Credit could also be obtained from working capital suppliers. This is a short term method of supplying the capital.

E. Role of the Entrepreneur
The simple roles of any entrepreneur are to undertake risk in starting a new business by taking the factors of production from low to high productivity via [ex.] conceptualizing, organizing, and operating. I. When conceptualizing a business, persons create the idea which the business model shall be molded around. It was our concept to take the standard model of security providers in Antigua and leave broad spectrum surveillance for a model of a small group who, bringing together experience from security and police posts, would offer decent manpower services to customers.

II. The entrepreneur must organize the factors of production taking them to high...
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