Poaching [Written by Cyn & Ri]

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Poaching [Written by Cyn & Ri]

By | May 2012
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The act of hunting and capturing animals has been a part of human lives that dates back to as early as any historian can think of. Hunting animals so you can have dinner or even to survive out in the wild is understandable, but some sick people simply enjoy killing and capturing animals for no good reason. This act is known as poaching. Poaching is the act of illegal killing, capturing or hunting animals of any kind. This behavior is a world wide problem that needs to be exterminated before these beautiful animals cannot be rescued. The word poaching generally can bring chills down the spine and many people can put it in the same category with the words slavery, holocaust, racism and such others. Some may disagree and say that that’s going a little too far to compare it to such words, but are we really that ignorant not to? Animals have feelings, families, a purpose in life and they definitely are a part of this world, there is no reason to kill and or capture them carelessly.

Out of the top 10 animals facing extinction, due to poaching, three animals have personally become important symbols and carry great meaning in my life. My grandmother and I share a love for animals especially tigers, bengal tigers to be exact. We used to have talks during the summers I spent up at her house, about planning a trip to observe wild tigers in their natural habitats, but as the years go by, with poaching still being a high ranked crime against animals, this dream may not even become a reality. Wildlife Protection Society of India and a group of the Environmental Investigation Agency proclaim that bengal tigers, also known as India tigers, are being poached for their fur to make warm-fancy coats, traditional medicines, ceremonial clothing and get this, even for souvenirs (Associated Press). In a number of years the result of such a crime will extinct these magnificent animals for things such as coats, when we could easily use thicker fabrics and fake furs; it’s a shame that...

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