Poaching: Siberian Tiger

Topics: Tiger, Conservation biology, Kill Pages: 3 (1134 words) Published: February 23, 2009
One of the world’s most beautiful creatures, the Siberian tiger, has been roaming earth for many years. The Siberian tiger subspecies has been subjected to many obstacles, which make it very difficult for it to survive. Their main threat is not lack of food, but “man,” one of God’s most fierce and cruel species. Because of man the tiger population has reduced to approximately 400 in the wild, and restricted their remaining habitat to the Russian Far East (Field Projects). Man has done many things to destroy the Russian Siberian tiger. They have cut down forests and moved in on the tiger’s territory, causing them to flee and become fragmented throughout Siberia making it hard for them to mate and hunt. Poaching has also made it difficult for the tiger to survive. Man has illegally killed this magnificent animal over decades for sport, food, trade, medicinal purposes, and to protect their livestock. Though man is very powerful and capable of causing the extinction of the Siberian tiger, they are also capable of helping the tiger to survive. Many people are supporting conservation organizations in order to help the surviving population of the Siberian tiger. These conservation organizations are trying to stop the annihilation of the Siberian tiger by strengthening anti-poaching patrols, establishing a compensation program for farmers, and educating people. According to researchers, “between 1990 and 1994 approximately sixty tigers were poached a year” (Field Projects). Some Russian experts predicted, “that, if no immediate measures were taken, the Siberian tiger would go extinct soon after the year 2000” (Field Projects). The Russian ministry of environment began a project called, “Amba,” which means tiger in the language of the Udege, a local tribe. The Amba organization has seven anti-poaching teams, and they are trying their hardest to stop the killing. The Amba organization says, “their rangers know the environmental legislation, and are trained in the use of...
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