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Topics: Balance sheet, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Cash Pages: 21 (3144 words) Published: November 4, 2012

Performance of Charles Enterprises over a three month period.| |
Name: Akima Charles
Teacher: Mr. Randy Boyke Cadet School: St Joseph Convent St George’sRegistration number:School number:Due date: 18/02/2011| |

Topics Page # Introduction-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Acknowledgements----------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 Description of business------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Aims ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Transactions---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 Double entry--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9 Journals:

* purchases journal------------------------------------------------------------------- 17 * sales journal-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18 * Returns outwards journal--------------------------------------------------------- 19 * Returns inwards journal----------------------------------------------------------- 20 * Cash book----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21 Ledgers:

* Purchases ledger------------------------------------------------------------------- 22 * Sales ledger-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 23 * General ledger---------------------------------------------------------------------- 24 Trail balance--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 26 Trading profit and loss account--------------------------------------------------------- 27 Balance sheet------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 28 Summary of performance--------------------------------------------------------------- 29 Interpretations of ratios---------------------------------------------------------------- 30 Comparisons------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 32 Recommendations----------------------------------------------------------------------- 33 Conclusion---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 34 Appendix: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 35 Pictures--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 45


The main idea of the SBA is to create and manage your own business for three months with the aim of making a profit. In this SBA you would see how the business develops into a very successful one. Skills that have been taught in class would come into play as I differentiate between running a business than being taught about a business. I hope you enjoy my short term business


This SBA wouldn’t have been successful with the help of a few important persons. First of all I would like to thank God for giving me the strength and knowledge to complete this SBA. I would like to thank my family or helping me in the areas that I was weak in when doing this SBA. Finally I would like to thank my teacher for helping be by reviewing my SBA and answering all my questions, God bless him for his patience.


* To use the theoretical accounting concepts learned in class practical setting to operate my own business hence resulting in the development of accounting skills.

* To find out if records kept can be used to help in the management of a business.

* To run the business in order to satisfy customers’ needs and not just our own.

In this School Base Assessment we will look at...
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