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Danielle Owens

Occupational Safety, Law & Ethics-13spb section 3

Week one written assignment

“Hospital acquired pneumonia”


Hospital acquired pneumonia.(Nd) Retrieved from:

Hospital acquired pneumonia.(Nd) Retrieved from:

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Hospital Acquired Pneumonia

Hospital acquired pneumonia (HAP) is a lung infection that occurs during a stay in a hospital. Usually contracted within at least 48 to 72 hours after being admitted into the hospital. HAP is caused by a bacterial infection. HAP is usually more severe than other types of respiratory infections because the patients are already ill and their immune system cannot fight off the germs. It is said that the germs in a hospital setting are far more dangerous than to those in the community. Hospital acquired pneumonia is most commonly spread from normal germs that come from not washing your hands. HAP can be spread by health care workers passing germs from one person to another from hands or clothes. HAP can be prevented by anyone coming into contact with the patient, ie. Visitors,doctors,nurses etc. to wash their hands often and to stay away if they are sick. Most hospitals have programs to prevent hospital acquired pneumonia. If HAP does occur, some of the symptoms include a cough with green colored pus like phlegm also known as sputum. A sputum culture can be taken to check which germs are causing the pneumonia. Other symptoms include fever and chills,discomfort,loss of appetite,nausea and vomiting,chest pains when breathing,short breaths and decreased blood pressure with high heart rate. Though hospital acquired pneumonia is...
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