Pms and It's Managements

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The PMS and Its Management
PMS is the computerized system used by the hotel to manage its rooms revenue, room rates, reservations and room assignments, guest histories, and accounting information, as well as other selected guest service and management information functions. A simple PMS will have limited features, while more extensive (and expensive) systems offer a wide range of management information features.

Responsibilities of the Front Office
You must know what can be expected of an effectively managed front office and just as important, how you can determine if the front office is, in fact, being well managed. In the area of the property management system (PMS), you can quickly find their knowledge base inadequate for the decision making required. As a G.M., you will depend on the performance of an outstanding front office to help you meet your guest service and profitability goals. The front office and its manager(s) assist in, or are responsible for, a variety of important hotel functions. An important responsibility of the front office is the sale of rooms at a rate that management feels will maximize RevPar.

The functional areas of the front office can be summarized as follows: * The PMS and its management
* Revenue and reservations management
* Management of guest services
* Accounting for guest
* Data management

Front office PMS includes the following modules:
The reservation module
· Room availability with drill down to a single reservation. · Direct reservation from price quotation.
· Flexible rating and automatic calculation of the value of a reservation. · Sharing and group member invoicing.
· Group Master accounts.
· Easy blocking for guest’s special requests.
· Comprehensive special services set-up, easily customized for each hotel. · VIP types and levels.
· Partial or fully automatic allocations depending upon reservation. · Special requests automatically incorporated into the reservation from...
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