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1. Of the following, which is not part of project scope management? A. Scope planning B. Scope verification C. Quality assurance D. Initiation 2. You are probably going to be the project manager for the HGD Project and will need as many inputs to the initiation phase as possible. Of the following, which is the best source of information for your project? A. Business plans B. Historical information C. WBS D. The project charter 3. You are a project manager for your organization. Sarah, a project manager in training, wants to know when the project manager is assigned to a project? Your answer should be: A. During the initiation stage B. During the planning stage C. When the stakeholders approve the budget D. After the project is proven feasible

4. You are the project manager for a technical project. The project product is the complete installation of a new operating system on 4500 workstations. You have, in your project cost and time estimates, told the customer that the estimates provided will be accurate if the workstations meet the hardware requirements of the new operating system. This is an example of which of the following? A. Risk B. Assumption C. Constraint D. Order of magnitude 5. You are the project manager for the NBG Project. This project must be completed within six months. This is an example of which of the following? A. Schedule B. Assumption C. Constraint D. Planning process

6. Which of the following best describes project scope? A. The description of the project deliverables B. The authorizing document that allows the project manager to move forward with the project and to assign resources to the tasks C. The process of managing all of the required work—and only the required work—to complete the project D. The process of planning and executing all of the required work to deliver the project to the customer 7. During the planning phase of your project, your project team has discovered another method to complete a portion of the project scope. This method is safer for the project team, but may cost more for the customer. This is an example of: A. Risk assessment B. Alternative identification C. Alternative selection D. Product analysis

8. Of the following, which does the scope statement not provide? A. Project justification B. Project product C. Project manager authority D. Project objective 9. You are the project manager for the JHN Project. Mike, a project manager you are mentoring, does not know which plan he should reference for guarding the project scope. Which of the following plans does Mike need? A. The scope management plan B. The scope change control system C. The scope verification D. The scope charter

10. You are the project manager for the JKL Project. This project has over 45 key stakeholders and will span the globe in implementation. Management has deemed the project’s completion should not cost more than $34 million. Because of the global concerns, the final budget must be in U.S. dollars. This is an example of which of the following? A. Internationalization B. Budget constraint C. Management constraint D. Hard logic 11. You are the project manager for your organization. You need to ensure the customer formally accepts the deliverables of each project phase. This process is known as____________? A. Earned value management B. Scope verification C. Quality control D. Quality assurance 12. Which of the following is an output of scope verification? A. WBS template B. Rework C. Formal acceptance D. SOW acceptance 13. Complete the statement: Most change requests are a result of _____.A. Improvement to the project scope B. Schedule constraints C. Regulatory constraints D. Value-added change

14. You are a project manager for a large manufacturer. Your current project is to create a new manufacturing assembly line that will allow your organization to create its products with less downtime and faster turnaround time for its clients. Which of the following is an example of value-added...
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