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Topics: Project management, Management, Sigmoid function Pages: 4 (746 words) Published: March 11, 2013
-- Scope verification must be done after the project is terminated to find out how much work is done

-- In the arrow diagramming method (ADM), the arrows are used to represent activities. The nodes represent activity dependency

-- Fait Accompli. The project manager is using the technique called Fait Accompli. The phrase is French for "accomplished fact" and refers to a deed that is already done and is therefore irreversible. You employ this tactic when you do something without first negotiating it and when asked respond in apology for any ensuing problem

-- The top-ranking source of conflict is schedule

-- Get formal acceptance, write lessons learned, hand over deliverable to stakeholder(s), close the contract (correct order)

-- A communication constraint is usually derived from specific legislation or regulation (option a), organizational policies (option c), or a project constraint (option d) which limits the project's options during communication management

-- Cost of conformance is the total cost of ensuring that a product is of good *Quality*. It is same as cost of Quality

-- A much hyped project is closed because sponsor is unable to support the project

-- Merby U. Crosmy is a nt a quality guru but stated theory on quality

-- Beta risk is type 1 error.

-- Beta risk is defined as the risk of accepting the null hypothesis when, in fact, it is false.

-- Prince - Projects in Controlled Environment

-- In a weak matrix environment

Project coordinator - little power to make decisions

Project expeditor - no power to make decisions

-- Quality audit is done as part of Quality assurance process

-- The estimating technique that uses a statistical relationship between the historical data and other variables to calculate an estimate for an activity

--Push communication
A form of broadcasting, where your place information directly to your audience Pull
Places where information can be retrieved from at...
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