Pmp in Manufacturing

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Executive Summary:
This organisation manufactures and sells building automation, fire, and security system to existing customer and run the business through project concept. The company has being using the contract document to execute project without the proper use of project management plan or framework.

In this scenario the contract document is prepare comprehensively with a scope, time and cost and this report is structure to critically analysis the project management plan and areas where the organisation can incorporate project management plan into the life cycle of its project.

The nature of this project is a project venture where it fit the definition of a project the mapping of five processes and the nine knowledge areas during the duration of its life cycle. It also analyse the role of project manager that required to be all rounder (familiar with general management of business) in fulfil its stakeholders objectives.

The organisation do not have a project management plan hence the discussion of this plan is concentrated to the best practice methodology how the project management is develop and where and what information is required for the development of project management plan base on the complexity of the project.

The input, techniques and tool, and output methodology of project management institute (PMI), 2004, project management book of knowledge (PMBOK) is use in this discussion to discuss the development of project management plan.

Audience of the project management plan is also critically being discuss to illustrate who is the audience, why this audience, what do the audience want from project management plan, how do they use the project management plan and how this project management plan is being presented and structured.

Project management plan with the following knowledge areas of integration, scope, cost, time, quality, human resources, risk, and procurement and other model such as PRINCE 2 and Chapman’s is also briefly discussed with comparison to PMBOK.

The project management plan is a collection of information of its subsidiary plan and components. This subsidiary information is an input of the project management plan development and this input consist of four major segments.

The preliminary statements define what need to be accomplished at the boundaries of the scope of the project followed by the project management process discussing all the nine areas of PMBOK of integration management, scope management, time management, cost management, quality management, human resources, communication management, risk management, and procurement management.

The other two major segments of the input process of project management plan, address the enterprise environment factors and organisation process assets that surround and influence the success of the project.

In the second categories of project plan development are the tools and techniques in collecting, monitoring, and controlling the four major input process of project management plan. These tools are the project management methodology, information system and expert judgement of the organisation assets and environmental.

In conclusion and recommendation, this report discusses the benefits of the project management plan and the areas where the organisation can adapt and use project management plan in its executed project.

Table of Contents :
Executive Summary:vii
Table of Contents:ix
List of Figures and Tables:x
2.Background of project3
3.1.Nature of venture4
3.2.Nature and purpose of the chosen project management plan10 3.3.Audience of project management plan14
3.4.Structure of the project plan16
4.Contents of the Project Plan Sections18
4.1.Develop inputs of PM Plan19
4.1.1Preliminary Project Scope Management19
4.1.2Project Management Processes20 Scope Management20 Time Management21 Cost Management22...
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