Pmp Exam Preparation Questions

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Test 1

1Design of experiments, Ishikawa diagrams, cost-benefit analysis, and quality audits are all Perform Quality assurance tools. Ishikawa diagram illustrates how various factors might be linked to potential problems or effects. As part of the project's quality assurance efforts, your audit team is using these tools in your software development project. Which stage of the project management life cycle are you in?

APlanning process group
BExecuting process group
CMonitoring and controlling process group
DClosing process group
2Which one of the following statements expresses the difference between quality and grade?  
AHigh quality is a problem, but low grade may not be
BLow quality is not a problem but low grade may not be.
CLow quality is a problem, but low grade may not be.
DNeither low quality nor low grade is a problem.
3You are excited because you have been selected out of six project managers for a project. Your name was mentioned in the project charter. In which process group did this occur?
APlanning process group
BInitiating process group
CMonitoring & controlling process group
DExecuting process group
4You are doing a financial analysis for a project in your organization. The project's cost is $262,500 and expected cash inflows are $62,500 the first year, $37,500 per quarter the second years, and $50,000 per quarter after that. What is the payback period?  

A16 months
B35 months
C27 months
D28 months
5 In which one of the following organizational structures does the project manager act as the Project expediter?
BTight Matrix
DStrong Matrix
6One of the project managers in the program that you manage is presenting her project’s progress report. According to that report, the earned value (EV) is $8,793, the cost variance is $793, and the Planned Value (PV) is $9,793. What is the actual cost of the project

7 In general, the project manager communicates with the project team through:
ABoth formal and informal written communication
BFormal written status reports
CBoth formal and informal written and verbal communication
DPhone conversations and team meetings
8Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a:
ACommunication tool
BRisk management tool
CQuality management tool
DProcurement tool
9Due to security threats in the current market, SUPERTRADE, a financial giant, has decided to install new security hardware and software in all departments, and they have given your company a contract. The project sponsor is willing to spend additional money, but does not want to get involved with project change control management or company politics. When you are ready to install the software and hardware, none of the functional managers are cooperating with your team. Each of the functional managers has a different requirement regarding the application installation. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of your project’s problems?

AThe project manager may not have adequate experience/knowledge in developing and installing security business applications and cannot direct his team or the functional managers.
BThe fact that the project sponsor does not want to get involved in change control management or company politics causes issues when your team tries to get the necessary support from the functional teams.

CThe project management team did not identify all the project stakeholders.
DThe project manager did not follow basic PMI procedures such as project charter approval and other project management processes, so he is unable to obtain support from functional groups. 10Your company, EarthMovers Inc., has appointed you as a project manager for a project to manufacture customized heavy earth moving equipment for one of your company’s current clients. Your company has executed similar projects successfully in the past. During which...
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