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1.If a project Manager calls for a meeting with the project team to review the knowledge gained from previous projects, in what manner is the team involved? A.Identification of Scope
B.Risk Identification
C.Project status team meeting
D.Scope Identification
Ans : D
2.Through which channel, a perfect communication can take place between the project team member and the Project Manager? A.By written and oral communication
B.Through daily status report
C.Via formal chain of command
D.By updating daily status reports
Ans : B
3.If a Project Manager Places a purchase order for an equipment, which of the following will represent it? A.Investment on capital
B.Cash-out flow
Ans : A
4.What are the major processes involved in the management of project integration? A.Development of a Project plan, initiating a project, and control of overall change B.Development of a Project plan, execution of the project plan, and control of scope change C.Development of a Project plan, execution of the project plan, and control of overall change D.Development of a Project plan, control of overall change, and control of scope change Ans : B

5.Which one of the following is not essential in creating an effective stakeholder management? A.Timely status information
B.Definition of clear requirements
C.Frequent cost report
D.Scope change control
Ans : C
6.Which of the following is more efficient in handling complex projects involving cross-disciplinary efforts? A.A Traditional Manager
B.An effective functional organization
C.Leading Project Managers
D.A strong functional organization
Ans : D
7.Point out the tools that are used as effective means in procurement planning? A.Analysis for make or buy, selection of the type of contract and system for weighting B.Analysis for make or buy, expert judgment and selection of the type of contract C.selection of the type of contract, conferences by bidders and expert judgment D.Expert judgment, audits and conferences by bidders

Ans : C
8.In which particular phase do the project sponsors have the greatest influence on the quality, scope, time and cost of the project? A.Execution phase
B.Development phase
C.Close-down phase
D.Concept phase
Ans : B
9.Which of the following project management tools cannot be use by a project management professional in comparing earned value performance data? A.Risk mitigation plans
B.Risk mitigation plans
C.Forecasting final costs and scheduling estimates
D.Technical performance metrics
Ans : D
10.The purpose of decomposition process is to construct:
A.Work breakdown structure
B.Critical Path Method Diagram
C.Precedence network
D.Variance analysis
Ans : A
11.Which of the following statements is not true?
A.Standards and regulations are mandatory.
B.According to ISO, standards are not mandatory, but regulations are. C.Standards often begin as guidelines that are not mandatory.With later widespread adoption, they can become de facto regulations. D.Standards and regulations are socio-economic influences to a project. Answer: A

12.Which type of leadership is best suited for optimizing team performance in projects? A.Democratic leadership.
B.Participative leadership.
C.Autocratic leadership.
D.Benevolent authoritative leadership
Answer: B
13.Where is the result node (outcome) shown on a typical Ishikawa or Fishbone diagram? A.Top.
C.Right hand side.
Answer: C
14.A project management team has subcontracted work to a service company. The process of ensuring that this service company's performance meets contractual requirements is called A.Contract Administration.

B.Staff Acquisition.
C.Contract Closeout.
D.Contract Negotiation
Answer: A
15.What are workarounds in project management?
A.Workarounds are essentially the same as rework....
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