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THE Project Management Office (PMO)
Prepared by: Dzingwa Madzima June 2010


• • • • • • • The What and Why of PMO’s Starting a PMO Types of PMO’s PMO Roles and Responsibilities Executive Buy-In PMO Best Practices Telecel Zimbabwe PMO


The What and Why of PMO’s


Enhancing Your Bottom Line By Investing In Better Project Management Increasing Throughput Rate
Strengthening the weakest link Achieving higher customer satisfaction Identifying the bottlenecks

Reducing the program delivery interval

Becoming the service provider of choice


What Is a PMO Exactly?
59% of respondents said PMO means project management office; 12% said it means program management office. Study by Brian Hobbs PMP and Monique Aubry

“An organizational unit to centralize and coordinate the management of projects under its domain. A PMO oversees the management of projects, programs or a combination of both.” A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® guide), Third Edition © 2004, p. 17

In each organization, the definition of a PMO may vary in name and by function, but it essentially centralizes, coordinates and oversees the management of projects and programs. Article by Bud Baker, Ph.D. PMI Network, June 2007


The Project Management Office (PMO)
A PMO is a centralized organization dedicated to improving the practice and results of project management. •

• Some PMO initiatives are minimal, involving part-time staff. • Other initiatives involve huge infrastructure, with rigid centralized planning, control and methodology. • An organizational entity created to assist project managers in achieving project goals. • A PMO is a group of people with a mission to support project managers in the successful launch, implementation, and completion of projects.

• Provides an opportunity for project managers to develop professionally more quickly than most could ever hope, if they were working isolated from one another. 6

PMO Responsibilities


What Benefits Does a PMO Offer?
The most important service of a PMO is to provide qualified project managers to an organization…

• PMO’s are/can…

þ Making available qualified

• If a PMO is not used…

project managers þ Provide support personnel to assist project managers þ Allow project managers to pool their skills and knowledge þ Help project managers to develop professionally þ Recommended for organizations with many project managers þ Provide consulting-type services and products to its constituency

ý With several projects under
way, project managers are probably not learning from one another ý PM’s are probably not sharing best practices ý PM’s are not challenged to continuously improve their skills ý Project managers can be overtly influenced by line managers ý Project managers scattered across an organization with no common bond are significantly handicapped 8

Starting a PMO


Key Considerations
• • • • • • • PMO charter Culture change Implementation strategy Staffing Metrics/Performance Success factors Maturity of Project Management Practices

PMO Charter
• Charter Scope
– Business Needs – Sponsor – PM Maturity

• Charter Document
– – – – – – Mission/Vision Goals/Objectives Sponsor Service Offering PMO Governance Key Performance Metrics

PMO - Culture Change
• Natural resistance to change • Political landscape • Degree of cultural change – – – – – – – – PM maturity PMO charter Existing skill level Key driver implementation strategy Assess impact of change Inform Educate Involve – Winners/Losers – Management Support

• Change Management

PMO Implementation Strategies
• Strategy drivers – PMO charter – PM maturity – Sponsor and management support – PMO drivers – Perception of value – Political environment – Culture/Value System Evolutionary/Incremental – Lower implementation risks – Lower start up costs – Will take longer to demonstrate ROI – More suitable if high resistance to change...
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