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Necktie a part of the formal wear of men and women is increasingly gaining popularity as a result of which many companies which include big names like Zodiac, Park Avenue, Pantaloons etc. and also a huge number of unorganized players are making their necktie brand available for sale. Lets see how necktie becomes a part of people in South Mumbai. Project includes the overview on apparel industry and specifically about the market available for neckties in South Mumbai.

The objective of the project was to study the following :
➢ To study the nature and significance of Apparel industry ➢ Origin and History of neckties
➢ Different types of neckties and knots
➢ Some Facts about a necktie including raw materials used, how design are made, manufacturing process etc. ➢ A survey on necktie and

All the above objective are being looked after in the project but the most important objective of me doing this project is that, I want to get into apparel industry and this has enhanced my knowledge and it will enormously help me in near future.



The project enables me to know about various aspects of apparel industry in India and mainly about neckties and how this piece of cloth is made , marketed and sold.

The features of apparel industry in India :

➢ Apparels basically includes everything from a formal shirt to a trouser , from a suit to a necktie.

➢ India is the world’s second largest producer of textiles and garments after China.

➢ Employs 35 million people , second only to agriculture in India

➢ The textile and garment industry in India is one of the oldest manufacturing sectors in the country and is currently its largest

➢ India accounts for about 12% of the world’s production of textile fiber and yarns

To know how did the necktie actually became the necktie we wear today, who was the person who gave recognition to neckties, the types of neckties and the knots which are most commonly knotted, what are the views of the people in the South Mumbai about necktie and everything about the necktie would be studied through this project. The project gives a domestic as well as international outlook of neckties in India. The various types of neckties are Bola tie ,Ascot tie ,Clip on tie, Bow tie and Cravat The project shows the manufacturing process of necktie.

Also a survey which will help me to make better decision in my business by understanding what attitude Mumbaikars have towards Necktie.

Introduction to Neckties

As the Italian novelist Alberto Moravia put it: "As useful article of clothing, a vest for example, is insignificant precisely because of its utility... Modern man is permitted but one accessory allowing him to reveal his vision of the world, to signal his presence in it: the tie."

Necktie - The descendent of cravat , a long piece of cloth worn around the neck which rests under the shirt collar and is knotted at the throat. It is something we see alot these days as it has increasingly become a fashion trend , a must have thing in the wardrobe of an office going individual men and women. It is as well a part of military and school uniforms. The wide-ranging social and cultural changes of the 1960s and 1970s changed fashion for good. Ever since, under ordinary circumstances, wearing a tie has been an option rather than obligation. A tie offers its wearer the luxury of a beautiful object, as well as sophisticated means of self-expression. Because it serves no practical purpose, the tie speaks volumes about its wearer.

A fine tie is a work of art from beginning to end. Whether woven or printed, it is first designed, transformed into a pattern by skilled artisans and technicians, engineered, and sewn by experts to meet with the maker's approval before a label is stitched to the necktie by the maker.

For the smart buyer, the necktie is an...
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