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Topics: Project management, Leadership, Management Pages: 3 (856 words) Published: July 7, 2012
Read the attached article "An Order of Influence Can Make a Difference." What leadership strategies are proposed by this author to overcome resistance to change? Compare and contrast this approach to at least one other assigned reading.


The author Steve Willis (2008) in his above named article seeks to discourage leaders from adopting a one dimensional approach to overcoming resistance to change. This approach is similar to the well know adage ‘my way or the highway’ which in some cases might work when there is autocratic or coercive power being applied. Usually however, this approach is not conducive as a long term strategy. He goes on to provide empirical data to buttress his argument in support of, rather adopting a multi-pronged approach to effecting change, by so doing embracing alternative strategies working in tandem to achieve a common objective. This was shown to be an effective weapon for the leaders who succeeded more consistently in combating resistance and the inevitable road blocks that emerge, than those who used the one dimensional approach. Invariably, the multi-faceted approach provided the more successful leaders with much more leverage to persuade people to see the need for change without feeling threatened by it. In this approach change is viewed as more of a dialogue, rather than an alien objective being forced down people’s throats. It then becomes a more gradual or phased approach, with many iterations, such as on-going training sessions and refresher courses which makes the proverbial pill more easier to swallow.

As a leader, it is good practice to assess the type of audience and the culture of organization you are proposing the change to, and use that to determine your strategy to implement change. Another strategy that can be used is to adopt different styles of leadership tailored to your individual situation. ‘Situational leadership theory claims that effective leaders use different leadership styles and strategies...
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