Pm595: Risk Paper 1

Topics: Bachelor's degree, Risk, Academic degree Pages: 3 (922 words) Published: June 18, 2011
Education is very important in human life. Decision making to return to school to earn a degree implies that there are alternative choices to be considered. Education is an ongoing project for those who are willing to learn, gain and update their knowledge. For me, it meant leaving a steady full-time job (in BENIN). It meant facing the uncertainty of returning to my studies after a multi-year interruption. This is the reasons why after decision analysis, I enrolled myself to a graduate school in US. The project was brake down in these steps: 1-Put all my foreign undergraduate education proof together (transcript, certificate…) 2-Send documentations required by WES for course by course evaluation 3-Select schools that fit my need and choose the one I prefer 4-After WES evaluation is approved, enroll to MBA program

5-Plan my job search
6-Find a job that fit my profile within the last 6 months of my graduation. This is a list of tasks I have break down for the MBA program completion. Here is my small history
In my first year in US it was very hard to combine job and school. I had two jobs and have no time for something else. I’m always tired. After one year, I start thinking and ask myself, how long am I going to work like someone who is not educated? This situation pushes me to my decision to go back to school and earn US degree for my new career. What can I expect to earn after I have gained a US university degree and I have either returned home, or settled US?

A-Problem definition
I’m not satisfied with the job I have now. This is my first job in US and I’m still with the same company. With my level of education, my income is very low and I wish to make a change, move up the ladder.

The situation of making a decision arises because many alternatives were available for it. - The first alternative is to keep my foreign bachelor degree in Marketing and apply for jobs. - The second...
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