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  • Published : March 27, 2013
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Alexander Hamilton, a United States founding father, said “those who stand for nothing fall for everything.” Alexander Hamilton was a founding father for the American presidential system. On the contrary of the democratic system is the parliamentary system. The parliamentary system is more democratic than the presidential system. The comparisons of presidential and parliamentary system are limited amounts of similarities. The contrasts of the systems are aggregations of differences and important in to showing which one is more democratic.

The comparison of these two systems will tell the people about why these systems both work in a vast area of politics. Presidential systems and parliamentary systems, in a pure system, are the two democratic systems that are the most used democratic systems around the world. With the two pure systems being used and being successful they have a key to success. The key to that success is the use of people. In both systems they use the people to vote for a collection of issues. In both systems as Shively talked about, in both chapters, the people vote for the government positions. When the citizens take part in the government, the government gets stronger. Both systems have control over what laws and policies are passed according to Shively (Shively 323). This helps with how the process of law making and policy passing go smoother. If the government is overlooking what is going in the process it is more likely to get done. The last comparison is the cabinet in both the presidential and parliamentary systems Shively stated (Shively 321). This helps with the head of government and the head of government decision making. These people who are picked to be the cabinet are the head of government right hand man. The comparisons are little and make both the systems democratic but the contrasting ways are the reason why one is more democratic than the others.

In the presidential and parliamentary system their difference are what...
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