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Topics: Critical path method, Project management, Program Evaluation and Review Technique Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Activity 1
What is the difference between a traditional LAN and a wireless LAN?

Instead of cable connections in traditional LAN the Wireless LAN has wireless router connected to the server and wireless receiver on each host. Wireless router has a limited coverage but could be extended by wireless repeaters.

Activity 3
Describe in your own words what the following terms/statement mean? 1. project ‘float’
Float in project management is an amount of time that single task could be delayed for without causing the delay for the whole project.

2. progress payment
Progress payment is a periodic payment to a subcontractor, supplier, third party manufacturer or service provider for work that is done according to the contract.

3. outsourcing
Hiring a subcontractor, third party service provider to complete one or more tasks.

4. preferred supplier
Subcontractor or third party or service provider whom the company is signing contract with, contract or agreement for using their service and goods only, there the terms and conditions discussed and approved by both sides.

Activity 6
Here is a list of tasks involved in a project to prepare for a camping trip. Draw a WBS that places the tasks in their proper relationship to each other • Arrange for supplies and equipment
• Select a camp site
• Make site preparations
• Make site reservation
• Arrange time off from work
• Select route to site
• Prepare menu for meals
• Identify source of supplies and equipment
• Load car
• Pack suitcases
• Purchase supplies
• Arrange camping trip (project)

Activity 7
Describe a PERT Network and a critical path analysis.
PERT is a Program Evaluation and Review Technique and it is designed to analyze the tasks and time to complete them in the project. Critical path analysis(method) is an algorithm which schedules all the tasks in the project according their time, priority and relationships to each other. By determining activities with total float it provides...
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