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Topics: Ethics, Engineering, Engineer Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: May 30, 2013
MEEG 506: Engineering Project Management
Incident at Morales: An Engineering Ethics Story
Incident at Morales was developed by the National Institute for Engineering Ethics (NIEE). It is intended to raise awareness of ethical aspects of professional engineering work. We will view the DVD in three sections. After each section will will have a discussion of the ethical issues raised in the previous segment. As you watch the DVD, make notes regarding * the ethical, technical and economic issues and problems illustrated * the social and political constraints on possible solutions

At the end of the DVD, you will be asked to suggest alternative courses of action that could have been taken by Fred, the Chemical Engineer hired by Phaust to design a new plant to manufacture a new paint remover.

Part A Chapter 1 Discussion Questions
1. What is Chuck’s primary motivation for hiring a Professional Engineer (P.E.)? 2. Dominique asks whether it is ethical to hire an engineer who has recently worked for a competitor, and Chuck replies that while employed as a contractor at Chemitoil, Fred was not required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. a. Does Fred have any obligations of confidentiality to Chemitoil even if he has not signed a non-disclosure agreement? 3. Wally tells Fred that he has one rule: whether news is good or bad, Fred must always tell Wally first. What is the potential impact of Wally’s “One Rule”? 4. Chuck alludes to inflating the budget as a hedge against potential budget cuts. What happens to a project when engineers are faced with budget cuts across all areas?

Part B Chapter 2 Discussion Questions
1. Chuck’s brother-in-law is the US representative for Lutz and Lutz. What ethical questions does the procurement process raise when the in-law of a corporate officer works for the supplier? How does this situation look from the viewpoint of other potential suppliers? 2. While touring the SuisseChem plant, should Jake, Fred and Peter...
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