Pm 586: Project Part 1

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Project Charter
Project Title: Huntsville Plant Initiative
Project Start Date: April 19, 2009
Project End Date: June 16, 2010
Project Manager: Janis Clark

Construct a new manufacturing plant in Huntsville, Alabama.

To place the new plant in an appropriate organizational structure with capable staff, recruit the required staff from both outside and inside of the company.

Move all skilled employees to Milwaukee.
Give employees that are willing to move a promotion.

Roles and Responsibilities
Steve Pokorski, Vice President of Operations
Jo Drake, Director of Plant Engineering
Janis Clark, Vice President of Marketing and Program (project) Manager Project team, plants

Project team will move to Milwaukee for a promotion.
Pokorski over sale and marketing organization
The new location of the plant.
Plastic bottles for food and diary industries.

Issues and Concerns
Project team relocating

Project Scope Statement

Project NameHuntsville Plant InitiativeProject Number1
Project ManagerJanis ClarkPrioritization1
Owner(s)Project Sponsor: JS Corporation

Refer to for further details

Project DescriptionTo establish a new manufacturing plant in Huntsville, Alabama.

Project Productsmall- to medium- sized plastic bottles and containers

Project DeliverablesTo deliver to the company a completely operational 25,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility. To install all plant equipment and complete testing to ensure that all plant equipment is working to specifications. To complete an extensive walk-through one week prior to sign off by production management.

Project ObjectivesTo place the project in a matrix organizational structure equipped with capable staff that are recruited both outside and inside of the company.

Type NameSignatureDate
Project Manager Approval:...
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