Plymouth Colony and Cape Cod Seacoast

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  • Published : January 13, 2011
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Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford

1. What do we find out about the Pilgrims’ experience in Europe?

2. What specific contrast does Bradford point out between the Pilgrims’ and the sailors’ behavior toward their sick?

When everyone became ill and the sailors did not care to help, Bradford wrote, ."..if they die, let them die..." (32). Many who cared for the ill remained safe and unharmed because of God who spared their lives. Consequently the sailors who did not care for the ill became very ill and died themselves. God spared all those who were selfless and helped others and that's what they believed. God made everyone safe and the Puritans believed that.

3. Elaborate on different images of God portrayed in Of Plymouth Plantation.

4. How does Bradford dramatically evoke the setting of Cape Cod seacoast? Give at least one excerpt with an explanation.

5. Bradford conveys an impression of the Indians by using words and phrases with negative connotations – discuss

6. How does Bradford’s tone toward the Native Americans change throughout the selection?

7. What survival strategies did the Pilgrims resort to?

8. Describe the evolution of the Colony.

9. How is the “scattering” depicted?

10. Prose is often considered to have four types of discourse: narration, description, exposition, and persuasion. Most prose writers use all four modes.

Narration—a statement of events, especially in chronological order, that tells a story. Description—a telling of a tale that speaks to the five senses, creating pictures with words. Exposition—writing that is primarily intended to convey information, to explain, or to give instruction. Persuasion—writing that is meant to convince readers that a certain opinion is correct.

Decide which modes Bradford used. Show specific examples to support your analysis.

11. Give the example of the “plain style" exemplified by Bredford’s work?
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