Plyler V Doe

In 1982, there was a case in the state of Texas called Plyler vs. Doe. This was a case that the supreme court overturned . The case was denying funding for education to children who were illegal immigrants and also denied the school district's attempt to charge illegal immigrants a thousand dollar tuition fee for each student to repay for the lost state funding. The court found that where states limit the rights to people based on their status as aliens, this limitation must be examined. Some revisions to education laws in Texas in 1975 didn’t allow state funding for educating children who illegally came into the U.S. and authorized local school districts to deny enrollment to these students. A majority vote of the supreme court found that this decision was in violation of the fourteenth amendment. Illegal immigrant children are human beings no matter what you will never lose that. Therefore had protection from discrimination unless the whole state of Texas interest could be shown to justify it. Although it may seem to be a contradiction, the constitution's equal protection clause provides certain rights to illegal aliens the same as any legal alien or U.S. citizen. The case of Plyler v. Doe helped the U.S. supreme court guarantee those rights through the equal protection clause. All in all I don’t agree with the supreme court’s decision I agree with the fact that they are human beings but to allow them into our country without proper legal documents is absurd. Especially to allow them free education for people who don’t have to pay taxes when they come here illegally and they get that benefit. So I kind of think that it was a horrible decision by our supreme court.
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