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Topics: Pluto, Natural satellite, Planet Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: December 9, 2011
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Pluto -- Pluto was discovered in 1930. Scientists thought that Pluto was the same size as Earth but then they took a closer look at it and they found out that it was very tiny. Pluto has four natural satellites named Charon, Nix, Hydra and P4. Charon was discovered in 1978 by James Christy. Nix and Hydra were discovered in 2005. And S/2011P1 also known as P4 was discovered in 2011 with a Hubble space telescope. All of the planets orbit around the sun one trip around the sun is one year, however it takes Pluto 248 earth years to revolve. One rotation is a planets day. Pluto spins slowly it takes Pluto more than 6 Earth days just to spin once. All of the planets orbits are oval shaped however Pluto’s is the most oval of all it even intercepts Neptune. When that happens Pluto is the 8th planet and is closer to the sun than Neptune that only happens for about 20 years then it goes back to being the 9th planet. Scientists believe that Pluto is made up of ice and rock. Pluto is reddish some areas are dark and some areas are light. Pluto’s temperature is -375 in F and -225 in C . Pluto has one moon named Charon. Charon was discovered in 1978. Charon does not orbit like the other planets. Charon and Pluto circle each other with the same side always facing each other. Some people think of Pluto as a double Planet instead of a planet and a moon. Pluto is the only planet that has not had space craft on it yet. Scientists want to send spacecraft to Pluto called New Horizon. The spacecraft was planned in 2006 but it will not reach Pluto for about 10 years. They also planned for New Horizon to go past Pluto to the Kuiper Belt. It should reach the Kuiper belt around 2026. Some pieces of rock and ice “mini planets” are like Pluto because they are all far from the sun and they are really cold. The scientists think that some of the rocks may be as large as Pluto and Charon. Scientists think that the sloar system began as a spinning cloud of gases and...
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