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  • Published : January 10, 2011
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|[pic] |+Tools® Manual | | |Revised for +Tools 4 © 1999-2004, Yves Champollion |

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Removing PlusTools2
Instructions for use12
+ Extract15
Appendix I25
Appendix II28
Appendix III: SGML/XML28


+Tools is a set of tools for the translation industry. +Tools works on Ms-Word 97 and higher versions (Ms-Word 2000, Ms-Word 2002, Ms-Word 2003 and higher versions on a PC), as well as on Ms-Word 98 and higher versions (Ms-Word 2001, Ms-Word X, Ms-Word 2004 and higher versions on a Mac, all OS included from OS7 to OSX).

+Tools is mostly used by translators that work with Wordfast ( Most functions do not actually require Wordfast, except for alignment and term extraction. +Tools is freeware.

+Tools rests on a powerful file explorer (up to 1,000 files can be selected in up to 1,000 recursed sub-directories). This facility lets you perform search/replace, statistics, macro execution, conversions, file tagging etc. on hundreds of files in one single action.


In Ms-Word, use the Tools/Templates & Add-Ins menu to add the template to your list of templates. Note: if, at any time, Ms-Word asks you whether you want to "save" changes made to the template, answer no. The PlusTools template should stay unchanged.

Removing PlusTools

Ms-Word should be closed. Use you system's file search utility to locate all PlusTools files. Delete all PlusTools files (like, plustools.ini, etc). PlusTools does not make changes to you system or to Word, it does not add registry base entries, it does not create hidden, secret files in your hard disk


If the PlusTools icon ([pic]) is not visible, make sure that PlusTools is activated in Ms-Word's list of templates (use the Tools/Templates & Add-in menu to see the list of templates). You can also use the View/Toolbar menu to display the PlusTools icon. Click the +Tools icon or press Alt+F2 to open +Tools.



Before launching an action, you must select the document(s) to be processed. There are 2 possible cases:

1. When you clicked the +Tools menu, one or more document(s) were already opened in Ms-Word. These documents will appear in the Files list. 2. When you clicked the +Tools menu, no document was opened. +Tools will give you the possibility to explore your hard disk and see the contents of directories.

Click to check the files you need to process. To select/de-select all files, use the Ctrl+A shortcut.



This section lets you perform a find and/or replace action on the selected files. If you wish to use formatting options for your search: open a document, setup the formatting options, close you document. +Tools will apply the formatting options you specified.

When a searched item is found, the following choices are offered:


• Edit: Allows you to pause and edit the document. After editing, you can re-start the search where you left it by pressing Alt-F2 or clicking the +Tools icon. • Next: ignores the currently found item and searches for the next item. • Replace: if "Confirm" has been asked for search/replace actions, click this option to replace the current item and move to the next. • Replace all: cancels the "Confirm" option and executes a global find/replace on all files. • Next doc: cancels the find/replace for the current document and continues with the next one. • Quit: quits the find/replace operation.



This section lets you perform Word's usual Statistics on the selected files, with a final report giving...
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