Plural and Sample Essay

Topics: Plural, Grammatical number, Time Pages: 24 (8835 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Module Listening Reading Total time 30 min 60 min      Writing 60 min    3 parts, finish every part in 15 mins Reading 5 mins, choosing 10 mins Part 2- first in 25-30 mins Thinking 5 mins, writing 15 mins Writing introduction and conclusion first(5-10 mins) Body graphs 10 mins Part 1 – second>> 15 mins Check 15 mins strategies

  A paragraph’s first sentence is usually the main topic sentence, and it gives you a summary of the content of the paragraph. These are typically nouns, verbs, numbers, or phrases in the question that will probably be duplicated in the passage. Once you have identified those key word(s) or idea, skim the passage quickly to find where those key word(s) or idea appears. The correct answer choice will be nearby Sometimes a choice will repeat word for word a portion of the passage near the answer. However, beware of such duplication – it may be a trap! More than likely, the correct choice will paraphrase or summarize the related portion of the passage, rather than being exactly the same wording

Choosing a right answer
     “best looking” answer, which is often wrong. You only eliminate choices from guessing if you are willing to bet on it. Always pick the first answer choice among those remaining. When you have two answer choices that are direct opposites, one of them is usually the correct answer. When asked for a conclusion that may be drawn, look for critical 'hedge' phrases, such as likely, may, can, will often, sometimes, etc, often, almost, mostly, usually, generally, rarely, sometimes. This can be a huge help. While you listen, you are free to make notes.

Never forget:
       15 mins writing, 5 mins checking. 150-200 word. Writing clear and neat. remember I am writing a report for someone doesn't see the chart compare the data not just descript them group the information, similar the trends Must have a、 Introduction: Say what you're going to Say b、 Body graph: Say it c、 Conclusion: Say what you Said  no new ideas in the conclusion, it should simply restate what you already talked about.  don't use "in conclusion", " to sum up",… it should look like conclusion without saying that.

a fifth a quarter a tenth a third just over sixty per cent just over thirty per cent one in five one in four one in ten one in three seventy five per cent ten per cent three out of four three quarters twenty five per cent twenty per cent two out of three two thirds 200,000 - two hundred thousand (When the number is large don’t add ” s”)

Countable and uncountable
a large amount a little a lot of a small amount a small number few fewer fewer and fewer less less and less many more most much no none of several the majority of

Sentences formation
 the table shows the changes in the number of...over the period The table below shows the changes in the number of blacks as a per cent of the total population in ten major cities between 1960 and 1970. the graph provides some interesting data regarding... Comparing and contrasting short term workers with their long term colleagues provides some interesting data regarding risk of cancer and mesothelioma. the pie graph depicts (that).... this is …which describes the trend of... as is shown/demonstrated/exhibited in the diagram/graph/chart/table... as can be seen from the diagram,great changes have taken place in... from the table/chart/diagram/figure,we can see clearly that...or it is clear/apparent from the chart that... this table shows the changing proportion of a & b Figure 3 shows the changing proportion of individuals holding vocational level qualifications for skilled trade occupations over the period of 2001 to 2013. as can be seen from the graph, the two curves show the fluctuation of... over the period level. from then on/from this time onwards... the number of...remained steady/stable from (month/year) to...
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