Plunkitt of Tammany Hall

Topics: New York City, Democracy, United Kingdom Pages: 3 (1065 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Plunkitt of Tammany Hall
Emily Cassata

Chapter 5:

1. What was the chapter about?
Chapter five was essentially about the lack of freedom that the government gives the citizens of New York City. Author William Riordon describes the fact that the people of Ireland and the Russian peasants have more freedom than the people of New York City because they are allowed some self-government in England. However, in New York City the Republicans run the whole show. Riordan proceeds to talk about the strict life they must live under the government by stating that you have to eat and drink on their time because you essentially regulate your lives to suit them. In addition to the government controlling your life, Riordan notes that they also raise expenses and milk the city in the typical Republican way. The Republicans placed taxes on companies, banks, and anything you could think of in order to get money for the State Treasury. In all, when the Republicans were running New York City, nobody could keep up with it. The government of New York City thought they knew better than the people, and thus took everything into their hands. Riordan did not believe this was the best thing to do because it was selfish and did not take into account the needs of the city.

2. What was the most interesting quote from the chapter?
The most interesting quote from the chapter was, “New York City is a nice big fat Goose. Come along with your carvin’ knives and have a slice”. I found this quote to be interesting because it basically said that the city’s Republican government sacrifices parts of the city, but they do not really ask the people for consent. This caught my eye because normally when we think of the government today, we think of democracy, people that are supposed to help us out, and protection of our rights. However, this quote makes it seem as if the government owns every aspect of its citizen’s lives. Especially when Riordon notes that they basically...
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