Plunkitt of Tammany Hall

Topics: Mass media, Feminism, Mainstream Pages: 3 (851 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Kaung Myat Thu @ Keith
Professor Traverso
English – 119
14th October 2012
Media Influence the Identity and culture
Over the last few decades, ever since the televisions and computers were invented, self ethnic identities have been influenced because of the progress in technology, which we commonly known as media, and whether the globe benefits from this approach or not has become a controversial issue amongst most of the people in the world. As what survey shows that a dominant group of peoples who tend to believe that identities were being ruined by spreading through mass-media which is the most inappropriate approach ever made because of it’s extremely destructive effects. For instance, one of my friends ignited the other’s hair without a reason, and when he was asked why, he said “That’s what I saw from the movie”, and he seems to be happy with it. What it shows that, young children were being brainwashed by the media and they start to imitate what they see. All of a start, media has become responsible for the shaping and influencing of our identities, as the traditional sources of identity, such as family, social roles and the church, have begun to disappear. Because we are constantly being surrounded by the media, we allow it to create stereotypes, and let it change the way we act and think. For example, popular television shows such as 'Simpsons' are constantly bombarding us in devastating ways with believable stereotypes and misleading images, whilst songs such as 'I am woman' can change the way we view different social classes, and create completely new identities. Secondly, mainstream media creates images which, though almost impossible to imitate, young people strive to become. When a young girl sees a magazine with a model on the cover, she won't be thinking about the fact that the model has a make-up artist and Photoshop; she'll be thinking why she doesn't look the same. Teenage girls have been brainwashed by the media to believe that they have...
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