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Veterinary Drug
Sixth Edition

Donald C. Plumb, Pharm.D.

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Blackwell Publishing

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For Shirley,
Whose efforts, support, and love
make this reference a reality

Contributors to the Sixth Edition
C. A. tony buffington, dVM, Phd, dACVN
Professor of Veterinary Clinical sciences
the Ohio state university Veterinary Hospital
Columbus, OH
Dog and Cat Therapeutic Diets

Michelle duMond, rVt
Nutrition support specialist
the Ohio state university Veterinary Hospital
Columbus, OH
Dog and Cat Therapeutic Diets

Andrea G. Cannon, dVM, dACVd
Animal dermatology & Allergy
rocklin, CA; Modesto, CA; boise, id
Dermatological Agents, Topical

dinah Jordan, Pharmd, diCVP
Mississippi state university
Mississippi state, Ms
Insulin, Maropitant, & Mirtazapine Monographs

Gigi davidson, diCVP
North Carolina state university
raleigh, NC
Ophthalmology Products, Topical
Principles of Compounding Ophthalmic Products

sandra Koch, dVM, Ms, dACVd
College of Veterinary Medicine, university of
st. Paul, MN
Dermatological Agents, Topical

Camille deClementi, VMd, dAbt
AsPCA Animal Poison Control Center
urbana, iL
Overdose and Toxin Exposure Decontamination
Guidelines, ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center
Data for Drug Monographs

elaine Lust, Pharmd, diCVP
Creighton university
Omaha, Ne
Ceftiofur (Free Acid, Sodium and HCl), Danofloxacin,
Tulathromycin Monographs

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Preface to the Sixth Edition
in this edition, Plumb’s Veterinary Drug Handbook
continues to evolve with the addition of more
drugs, more types of drugs (topical dermatology
drugs), and a new look; however, the basic premise
remains to serve as a single volume reference to
assist veterinarians, other health professionals, and
animal caretakers in providing optimal drug therapy
for veterinary patients. the changes to this edition
include a new design and layout; the addition of
75 new drug monographs; updates to the older
monographs, with a listing for rapid-scanning for
potential drug interactions and overdose information
for 50 drugs from the AsPCA Animal Poison Control
Center; and new sections on topical dermatologic
agents and products, Principles of Compounding
Ophthalmic Products, and Overdose and toxin
exposure decontamination Guidelines in the
donald C. Plumb

About the Author
donald C. Plumb, Pharm.d., was formerly director
of Pharmacy services and Hospital director at the
university of Minnesota’s Veterinary Medical Center.
Now retired from the university of Minnesota,
he focuses full-time on providing veterinary
drug information to veterinarians, other health
professionals, and animal caretakers.

Notes and Cautions
Dosages and Extra-Label Use of Medications
dosages for the various species for the drugs listed in this reference come from a variety of sources and are referenced to their source in the appendix. While a sincere effort has been made to assure that the dosages and information included in this book are accurate and reflect the original source’s information,...
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