Topics: José Rizal, Philippines, Philippine Revolution Pages: 3 (1193 words) Published: May 29, 2013
The docudrama consists of a reenactment scene of the facets of Rizal’s life, along with extensive interviews needed to establish Rizal’s image as a writer. It is divided into six parts. The first part started with the birth of Rizal up to his early education. While there was no definite measurement of being a genius during his time, Rizal was noticeably gifted. He showed exceptional talents in painting, molding, sculpting and writing. But it was writing which served him well. At an early age, he wrote the Memorias de un estudyante Manila, which is about the memoirs of his childhood. At 8 years old, he wrote the famous Sa Aking mga Kabata. It was said that his father, Francisco Mercado, owned almost 1000 books during that time, and that he made Rizal read books like El Amigo de los Niños. This influenced Rizal’s passion for writing.The second part was about his higher education. It was during this time when he wrote A La Juventud Filipina which was deemed as his first recognition to the Filipino youth. His other work was El Consejo de los Dioses, won an award in Manila. In 1882, Rizal left for Madrid, after the then-Governor General Jose Maria dela Torre granted him a scholarship. In Madrid, Rizal wrote Pag-ibig sa Tinubuang Lupa, his first propaganda sent and published in a Tagalog newspaper in Manila. The third part focused on his life in Europe wherein he started writing Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. It also stated the challenges met by Rizal before publishing Noli Me Tangere. Through the help of his friends, he successfully published 2000 copies of the said novel before going back to the Philippines.The fourth part told a rather personal and lighter aspect of Rizal’s story by documenting about the women of Rizal’s life, the letters of some of these women for Rizal, as well as Rizal’s letters for some of these women.The fifth part highlighted Rizal’s life after publishing Noli Me Tangere. Because of the controversial novel which brought ire to the...
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