Topics: José Rizal, Philippines, Love Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Pluma, Si Rizal ang dakilang manunulat

The documentary drama focused on the evolution of Rizal’s writings. Rizal, at the very young age was noticeably genius aside from showing exceptional talent in many aspects like in painting, moulding and sculpting, but he is more inclined into writing. In fact at the age of eight, he wrote a poem entitled “sa aking mga kabata”. An incident happened to his beloved mother, Doña Teodora. His mother was accused of poisoning her sister-in-law and was imprisoned. Because of this injustice to his mother, Rizal included the life of Sisa and other Manangs in the novel Noli Me Tangere.The execution of GomBurZa triggers the Filipino spirit of Rizal. At the very young age, it opened Rizal’s eyes at the reality during his time that’s why he dedicated the novel El Filibusterismo in the memory of the three martyrs. Rizal’s passion for writing continued as he grew up even when he was in Madrid, his love for love for writing doesn’t change. As he was in Europe, he wrote the famous novel entitled Noli Me Tangere. This novel was considered as the greatest contribution of Rizal to the Philippines and the world. Rizal revealed the real condition of the Philippines society, Filipino life, beliefs, hopes and desires. He wrote this novel to wake up the Filipinos to fight for their own freedom from Spanish tyranny. After publishing the novel, it took a lot of issues and controversies so he decided to go back in Europe but then again, it didn’t stop him from writing and hide from the name Laong Laan. Rizal had a lot of women in his life. From his first love, Segunda Katigbak, she was the first woman who Rizal loved but then was lost to him forever because Segunda was already engaged to her town mate, Manuel Luz. Another is Leonor Valenzuela, he courted Leonor and sent love letters to Leonor written in invisible ink that can be read by heating it over a candle or lamp but like Segunda, she married an employee of a trade house. Rizal fell in...
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